Winter Holiday Appreciation Campaign for Teachers and Staff
Briarlake Elementary School Staff Holiday Gift Fund


This campaign is our effort to address some of the unique needs of Briarlake Elementary and to make sure we are able to express our collective appreciation to the many people who bless the lives of our students every day at school! 


For example, did you know that in addition to our 25 homeroom teachers and 4 specials teachers, Briarlake also has 8 interrelated teachers, 2 ESOL teachers, 3 exceptional education teachers, 13 paraprofessionals, and 5 ASL interpreters, all of whom your student may be interacting with regularly at school? Not to mention, of course, our administrators, front office staff, counselors, school nurse, cafeteria specialists, custodians, band and orchestra teachers, and our lovely literary librarian! 


In order to BOTH make it easier for parents and students to express their thanks AND to make sure that we spread the love to all of our well-deserving staff, PTA has created this holiday appreciation campaign and will distribute the donations (equitably on a tiered basis) in the form of gift cards to faculty and staff just before the holiday break.


You can, of course, always choose to express your appreciation directly instead or even in addition to our campaign!  


We will create another Appreciation Campaign for National Teacher Appreciation Week that occurs the first week of May each year.