About Briarlake Elementary School


Located in Decatur, Dekalb County, Georgia. Briarlake has enriched and educated Pre-K through 5th-grade students since 1956. 

Briarlake Elementary is a sweet little STEM-focused school best defined by its sustainable partnerships between its parent community, teachers and administration. It is a small school packing a big punch with gifted and special education programs, various extracurricular programs, clubs, and extended experiences for our students! The school houses 375 students in grades Pre-K to 5th grade.


The school offers and includes exploratory classes, covering art, music, language, technology, STEM, and physical education.  One of Briarlake's strongest assets is its student and staff diversity. Briarlake offers a Deaf Hard of Hearing program for mainstreaming hearing-impaired students in all aspects of instructional and curricular activities along with other varying student services.


Our students matriculate to Henderson Middle and Lakeside High School where they continue their academic career.


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This academic experience could not happen without the outstanding support of our teacher, parent and community partnerships. Briarlake is part of a vital, diverse community that takes pride in the school and provides a strong base of support. Our PTA organizes events and activities throughout the year. We hope all of our families will find ways to be involved and participate.