Don't forget your student agenda!

7/20/2021 3:22 am

Don't forget to purchase student agendas and pay class dues online or at Open House on July 28th! Student agendas are used for daily communication between teachers and parents and are available to purchase for $5/each. 


Parent/Guardian PTA membership is only $10 and includes a student agenda for your child!*


Class dues help PTA provide necessary classroom supplies, academic support for each teacher, and a nominal amount for class parties. These optional dues are $15/student for 2021-2022.


*Parent/Guardian PTA memberships include one student agenda each, but not to exceed the total number of Briarlake students in the household. If the number of Parent/Guardian memberships purchased in a household exceeds the number of Briarlake students in that household, additional agendas will be donated to the school to be used at their discretion.


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