Town Hall with Principal Lewis and Regional Superintendent Trenton Arnold

6/10/2022 11:12 am

On June 9th, Briarlake PTA hosted a Town Hall with Principal Lewis and Regional Superintendent Trenton Arnold. For those Briarlake families, staff, and community members that were not able to attend, here is the link to the Zoom recording. 


We ended up only recording visuals for our panelists and not Trenton Arnold or Principal Lewis. You can hear their answers clearly but we're sorry that you can't see them as they answer. 


PTA Town Hall Zoom



A panel of parent moderators from PTA, PAC, and Foundation will provide a very brief summary or explanation of issues raised by parents for each of the categories below and then ask some questions for responses from either Mr. Arnold, Principal Lewis, or both. Each topic will be covered for approximately 7-10 minutes followed by a conversational back-and-forth among all 5 participants in terms of questions, answers, and follow-up questions.


1) Statistics for Briarlake's teacher retention over the past 7 years, in comparison to other schools in our cluster, district, state

2) Process for collecting data about why Briarlake teachers stay or leave and evaluating and addressing patterns or problems

3) Class size and composition for next year 

4) Responding to mental health problems, behavioral challenges, bullying, discipline, and school safety

5) Gifted Liaison position and other instructional support resources for teachers 

6) Teacher performance evaluations and interventions

7) Principal performance evaluations and interventions, mechanisms for raising concerns or complaints about school or district leadership

8) Facilities improvements and safety concerns

9) Addressing accusations of nepotism and/or favoritism and building greater confidence in school and district leadership


Questions for the Town Hall have been prepared by PTA Board members based on questions and concerns already submitted. Any additional questions submitted here before Thursday morning may also be considered. We will leave the submission form open through Saturday, June 11th for any additional comments or follow-up questions from the Town Hall. It is unlikely that there will be time during the Town Hall for questions from individuals, but all questions or comments submitted through June 11th will be provided to Mr. Arnold. Please do not miss this opportunity to engage with our school community and district leadership in productive ways that will help our students, teachers, and school. 


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