Briarlake PTA 2020 Read-a-Thon

9/13/2020 3:00 pm

How Can You Participate?


1. By donating to the 99pledges individualized student sites coming Monday, September 14th by email (no donation is too small…or too large!).


Visit this website for more information:


2. By participating in the Wednesday PTA virtual reading activities.
Week 1: Sept. 14th- Asian Literature
Week 2: European Literature
Week 3: African Literature
Week 4: Literature of the Americas


From 9-10am on Wednesdays during the Read-A-Thon, we are asking for parents to be Virtual Readers or supervise their student readers as they read based on geographic areas of the world. From 10-11am, we are asking that parents act as Cultural Facitilators and share or have children share aspects of the culture. One parent is also being asked to lead the group for the 2 hours as a moderator using the Briarlake PTA Zoom account.


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