School Nutrition


School meals reflect nutrition standards which require that, over a week’s menu cycle, lunch provides students with one-third of the recommended daily allowance (RDA) for protein, vitamins A and C, iron, and calcium, and one-third of the recommended energy intake (REI) for calories. School breakfast must provide one-fourth of the RDA and REI over a week.


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How Does My Child Order Breakfast / Lunch?


How do I pay for Breakfast and Lunch?

Breakfast will be served daily with no ordering needed.  Just show up! Lunch MUST be ordered by the student in homeroom, lunches are ordered same-day.  No advance ordering is required.  Students order lunches by informing their classroom teacher, first thing in the morning, if they will need school lunch that day.  Menus are announced every day during morning Announcements so kids will always be informed of what school lunch options are.


Please use the School cafe platform to pay for all meals in advance.You can make payments from your computer or mobile device. It is recommended that everyone set up an account in the portal- even if you don’t plan to use it for payment. It is quick and easy to do. We look forward to serving the students this year!


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We love to welcome parents and guests to our lunchroom and want everyone to feel comfortable while having lunch at school. We also need to be respectful of the difficult job that our very special lunch duty monitors have, keeping up with spills, sick children, helping to open packages, cleaning tables, sweeping, and keeping our students safe, respectful and responsible while enjoying their lunch.

To that end, we have current guidelines for guest lunch visits. We have created these guidelines based on past experience and have made recommendations to ensure that everyone can continue to enjoy their lunch.


General guidelines:

Please be on time for your child's lunch period. Students are very upset if you are late and it ultimately causes them to miss a portion of their lunch period because they are waiting on you to arrive before they get their own lunch or start eating.

Please put away your cell phones.  Your child deserves your full attention while you are here.

Please do not allow your student to share any food you may have brought from home or purchased at an outside food establishment. We cannot be responsible for allergic reactions that may be brought on by sharing food.

Please say goodbye to your student at the cafeteria door when lunch is finished.


Guidelines for eating in the cafeteria:

Guests are welcome to come for lunch any day of the week to have lunch with their own student.

Guests are invited to eat at the classroom assigned table with their child. 

Guests are expected to help students maintain the expectations of the cafeteria, including staying in their selected seat, talking to the friends closest to them, raising their hand if assistance is needed, and eating during the short musical interlude.

Guests are asked to please clean the area where they had lunch by picking up and disposing of all trash.


Guidelines for eating on the deck:

Guests are welcome to come for lunch any day of the week to have lunch with their own student. The adult outside is to remain with their student at all times. The adult with their student is responsible for maintaining the safety and responsible behavior of their child. Students should stay at the table with their parent or guardian for the entire lunch period and should not be allowed to run on the deck and/ or climb on the deck seats or railing. Students are not permitted to walk through the planted beds and peer into the windows of the cafeteria.

Due to concerns expressed by some parents about their child having lunch with an unknown adult outside of the supervision of the lunchroom, students will no longer be able to take additional friends outside with them on the deck.


Thank you for your cooperation and your support. Remember, the three rules of Briarlake are to be safe, be respectful and be responsible. We hope you will find these guidelines helpful as you enjoy your lunch at Briarlake!